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  1. 1. Would you like a forum that talks about one thing: a video game?

    • Holy Cow!! Never on earth, theres a life to live you know, them weird dudes.
    • Well I wouldn't but I would respect the dudes that actually like that game.
    • Maybe!
    • I would quite enjoy it if the game was good, but other members must learn to do other things.
    • Leave other members to do what they please.
    • I confess to being one who does one thing all the time!
  2. 2. Was I cruel?

    • Hell yeah, you need to be more sensitive.
    • You were a bit tough on the dudes that enjoy the video game. But then you were only being serious.
    • Not at all, you proved your point.

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Could you imagine a forum without:

The lounge and other cool subforums, and everyone yaps about one thing and one thing only.

Plus only about 7 or 8 people visit and 28 the most ever online.

I thought about this because of a forum I used to visit, I was into this video game at the time but eventually I started to dislike the game.

And the members of the forum never talk about other things like entertainment and life and serious chat, it was all about the video game! Honestly, get a life and do something different for a change instead of sitting on your butt all week and playing


man its not even popular anymore.

Well anyways I made up a different topic on the forum, not one person replied to it.

I decided to get delete my account and thought 'Get a life you morons, you can't hide from life forever!'

Well I made my point.

I changed the poll to be less biased because I didn't like it.

Sorry if I offended anyone. ;)

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