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Getting a new TV

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First off, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic. So if any admins or mods think it should be some where else, please move it.

Right now I'm saving up my money from work so I could buy a new TV and I have some questions about the kind I want...and I don't feel like going back to Best Buy to ask these questions.

I want to get a Plasma screen TV, preferably Sony (I heard using the same brand of electronic entertainment with one another is better) with the following...

  • It costing $1,400 or less
  • 1080p resolution
  • HDMI inputs
  • Larger than 37" screen

I can't currently remember all the questions I had so I'll have to try to remember them to ask later on. One of the main questions I have is "Do I need to get HD cable or will regular cable work with a HD Plasma screen TV?"

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i got the best price i could find. hope that helps.

EDIT:wait oops thats only 1080i

eh this is good but its 720p http://www.pricemad.com/productdetail.asp?...;productid=6877


thats the best i could find. hope it helps.

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Plasma ain't that good you should go for an LCD TV, preferably the Sony Bravia TVs, most of them will have what your looking for like 1080p reo and HDMI connection etc, I aaint got any links since I dont know any American electrical stores.

You're the first person to tell me that LCD is better than Plasma. Everyone I've talked to at every electronics store I've been to looking for a new TV have said that Plasma has much better quality than LCD. My friend, who knows tons of shit about electronics, told me the same thing.


I'm trying to find one in a store...I don't buy things over the internet unless that's the only way I could get what ever I'm looking for.

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LCD IS better than plasma, LCD won't burn in.

You should get this Sony Bravia because it has 1080p, HDMI, and is 40''.

Yeah good TV and its only a couple of hundred out of the price range and OGTAM theres another person who says LCD is better than Plasma

I don't care if you guys "think" LCD is better because I had about 4 different people from 3 different stores explain to me how Plasma is better than LCD. One of the good bit of reasons Plasma is better is because it last longer. I didn't ask you guys whether or not I should get LCD or Plasma.

I wanted to know whether or not I could have regular cable with an HD TV or if I had to get HD cable and no one has answered that yet.

I think these plamas are cheap and good:


Too expensive.

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