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Radio Ads, Other Previews, and Working at Rockstar

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Since our reporting of Kikizo's massive preview, a number of other websites have published their previews. There's not really any new information contained in any of them, but if you've been living under a rock for the last week or so then you may wish to check them out (links at the end of this post). As well as this there's been a few other announcements and articles of interest cropping up.

A GTA IV article which may interest you is one published by Computer and Video Games. They managed to note down some of the radio ads they heard during Rockstar's latest demo showing of GTA IV. They include El Comercio Roboto, twin transsexuals, real estate dream, loser journalist and El Dentes. You can read some of Rockstar's habitually humourous adverts at C&VG.com.

Secondly, Jeff Williams, a former web producer for Rockstar Games has written a very interesting blog post which he titles Life During Wartime - Working at Rockstar Games. It is a very interesting read, and gives you a good insight about what it is (or was) like to work at Rockstar. It's quite long though, so you better have a bit of spare time. Now if you read about this from some gaming sites, you may also want to read his follow-up post, in which, he clarifies a few things which had been inaccurately reported by some websites.

Finally, if you haven't read through Kikizo's extensive preview or any of the other big sites we linked to after that, here are a few other previews which we haven't mentioned. No new information of course, as they all received the same demo.

Also in related news, Rockstar have announced a new franchise available exclusively for the PlayStation 3. We have no idea what it is yet, but it is not L.A. Noire. One would imagine this is likely to be what Sony are getting instead of exclusive content for GTA IV. You can read this announcement over at PlayStation.Blog, and discuss it in this thread in our forums.

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I saw that their was a "Johnson's" add in the second trailer. this could be a reference to Carl Johnson from SA, which could also mean radio adds. I've seen it happen in previous Gta's.

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