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GTA IV At Leipzig Games Convention?


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While browsing a few gaming blog websites today, I noticed that they've released a few new photos of the Games Convention show floor. One of them caught my eye in particular:


I suppose this confirms that not only will Rockstar Games be at Leipzig, but that GTA IV will also be making an appearance. However, as you can see in that picture of the show floor, since the game has it’s own huge billboard at the show, I suppose Rockstar will be announcing something regarding the game. This "something" could be the new release date, a new trailer, and who knows, the game could even be playable at the show (although I highly doubt this).

I'm also assuming that Manhunt 2, Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis (Wii), and Bully (Wii, 360) will be at the show as well as GTA IV. The Leipzig Games Convention takes place August 23rd - August 26th, TheGTAPlace will keep you updated on all things concerning GTA IV at the show.

More Games Convention Photos

The Games Convention Blog

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I don't think there will be a new trailer at all, or a playable demo. I guess they'll show you some more gameplay footage, maybe reveal some of the radio stations, possibly give us the date of the 3rd trailer, and some other bits that might be useful. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

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I'm pretty sure that the palm trees are for midnight club Los angeles, check gta4.net the article about the convention. Says they got a press release stating "Two upcoming titles will be on display at the conference, including the world-wide unveiling of Rockstar's newest installment of the Midnight Club franchise, Midnight Club Los Angeles" rockstar presents table tennis for Wii will be there also.

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