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Puzzling Prizes

Spaz The Great

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This is my puzzle topic. Every now and then I will make a puzzle and the winner will get a prize. Not sure if this should go here or Forum Fun, I decided here since you win stuff.

The first puzzle is this.((Note: These puzzles are NOT made to be easy, or be quickly answered. I like to have really tough puzzles so please do not complain)).


e2n4 e1i1s1 a1b1e1h1i1n1 d1e2i1s2 a1e2f1g1l2n1o1r1s3t2u2

What you must do to answer:

1. First you must decode the message.

2. The message isn't in English, so then you'll have to translate it.

3. Now you're able to answer it. The actual question is easy.

What do you win?

You win a Hunter. Courtesy of Chris((Who gave me the Hunter... It's a long story and the topic is really old)).

The riddle will be open for 2 weeks. Today is Thursday the 10th. Wednesday the 23rd is your last day to answer correctly. After that I'm just going to cash the Hunter in. Thank you for your time.

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I don't want any hints, I'll work it out and it'll be done tommorow

I'm looking forward to that.

Oh, and BTW, this puzzle takes some real smarts, guess and check, and some luck.

Look for patterns..... I've said too much now, so I'm not saying anymore.

Oh, Kiku, this is every mans game.

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Fine. I will post the answer.


The code goes as follows:

You list each letter of a word once, followed by a number telling you how many of that letter is in the word. The letter go in alphabetical order. Here is an example.

Hello = e1h1l2o1

It's easy to convert a word to the code, it's easy to convert the code into letters, it ISN'T easy to figure out the word. One reason is, there can be two words that are exactly alike in the code.

Two = o1t1w1

Tow = o1t1w1

After converting the puzzle from the secret code, you will need to re-arrange letters to attempt to get a readable phrase. Aha! I didn't make it that easy, the phrase is in German, so you either need some knowledge in German, or a translator and ALOT of time.

Well, since I'm giving you the secret, that time isn't needed. It translates to:

Wer besitzt diesen Aufstellungsort?

That is in German of course. Which you will then need to Google up a translator. Be careful, they don't all give you the same thing((translators have alot of work needed to be good)). It translates to:

Who owns this site?

The answer then, is simply:

Chris. :D

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