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GTA IV Special Edition Offer.


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Anyone planning on getting GTA IV Special Edition on Amazon? If you are, expect a GTA IV LC License Plate with your order:


Click for Bigger View:

GTA IV LC License Plate

Pre Order GTA IV SE on Amazon: GTA IV Special Edition

Thanks to GTAGaming.com for the find!

I would have ordered from Amazon, but I can't trust it to be at my house the first day its out..

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Whats the point? R* are doing everything for a bit of extra cash lol but im sure they will get enough for their work but i dont need a bag, music cd and license plate with the game. The game itself is enough.

yea i have to agree. everything other than the game itself seems quite pointless. i dont go buy games because they have the most or coolest extra features, i buy them because i want to play the actual game itself! :)

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I didn't change my pre-order to Special Edition yet, so I might stick with the normal edition and pre-order the special edition with this. Not sure yet. Any more offers like this, Charger?

Nope, the only 2 Offers I seen is the Belgium deal, and this one. It looks like every country its getting their own special offer, who knows maybe the U.K could be next....

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I'm sure as hell gonna buy the special edition. In my country, holland there is a nice preorder pack available now. It come's with a DVD with the trailers in HD, some cards and a "creditcard". It cost's 10 euro and with the creditcard there goes 10 euro off from the normal GTA IV price :) In fact it's free. I'm probably gonna buy it after cristmas.

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