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Internet down

Harwood Butcher

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My internet is currently down at my house (I'm at school right now) and I don't know when It'll be back up because my router is broken or something and I might not get another one until after the holidays. So if you don't see me post for a while...that's why.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section...I figured since it deals with my computer, that it should go here.

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Yeah you can use your phone as a internet thing..i can with mine anyways (nokia 6280), but it'l cost heaps I think...I think the speed is around dialup speed..so only if ur desperate, you know..

Not really, GPRS is twice faster than the dial up, but costs a fortune. Newer phones have EDGE and/or UMTS which are much faster standards (EDGE is a next-gen GRPS btw). Still, not that I would connect via them, I don't have sooo much money I dunno what to do with it. But HSDPA cards are nice. I used one on a vacation and a few days in hospital. For surfing&IM they're really good (up to 1.8mbps, tho you should be happy with any speed you get) but ofc you trade mobility for speed. Still, I'd have no doubt if I'd have to choose between 28.8k or no net at all.

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Well I'm back. I just got the new router today.

Shit. I almost had a heart attack. I saw the title and expected this to be about the entire Internet going down, like someone had broken it. Imagine that, no Internet!!

Is that even possible?

Why don't you just screw the router for now and connect it directly to the internet. Get an ethernet cable, stick one end in your computer, one end in the internet connection. :)

That's what my mom did for the computer downstairs, but I use my own computer upstairs.

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