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I overwrited my save game! :(


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Can anyone give me a save game with about 50% of the game finished plzzz i really need it cuz i was stupid enough to make a new save game and overwrited my old one so i need a new one so plzz! :mellow::mellow::mellow:-_-;)

Here's a version 1 copy of the game that has 50.27% Game Progress:

Click here to download it.

What version do you have?

v1.0 (or v1.1)



I will gladly give you another saved-game, just tell me where you are in the storyline. :)

if u need it just download it at the Downloads

No, he can't. There aren't any games in the Download Section with 50% game progress; they're mostly all 100% game progress, which doesn't help anyone.

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