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how do I replace names of vehicles in VC with the names of modded cars?


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I downloaded a mod called final justice beta version, and it is really col but all of the car names are off. for example, the chevy suburban says it is a jeep cherokee. :bashhead: How do i change the names so that the correct names are displayed? thanx for any help.

bourget09(replace with @)hotmail.com

ill get a picture uploaded soon so you can see what i mean.

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i cant figure out how still to use the gxt editor, :bashhead: i cant find the names of the cars so i can replace the names!!! :pissedred:

Plus, i know there is a multi- edit program for GTA3, but is there a program that i can use to open the default.ide, carcols, etc? so that i can insert cars quickly and easily?

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Did you ever figure out what car your new one replaced?

If not, is there anywhere the car spawns on a regular basis? If it does, get a screenshot & brief description of where it is.

The only other thing I can think of is get the VC save file editor (You'll have to look for it) & find the entry for OCEANIC.

Since that car always shows up in front of your first savehouse, you just keep changing the name until your new one

shows up.

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