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Next GTA Location


Where do you think the next GTA will be set?  

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  1. 1. Where do you think the next GTA will be set?

    • Vice City
    • San Andreas
    • Los Santos
    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Chicago
    • Carcer City
    • London
    • The UK
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Tokyo
    • Futuristic city (like GTA2)
    • Other real life city
    • New fictional city

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I have some ideas. For starters I don't think the next game will return to Vice City, that locale was unqiue due to the time period, modern day Miami is just ehhh... San Francisco has some really fantastic scenery, but other than that I would put it in there with modern day Miami. Which leads me to think they will do a new city, maybe Chicago/midwest, or another older setting like 1970s Las Vegas. Could also be another state - Texas perhaps.


Still it is way to early to begin thinking about the next GTA. Whatever it will be it looks like they have set the bar tremendously high with V.

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Vice City has been my favorite setting so far (whether GTA V's LS will change that, remains to be seen), so that would be my first pick for obvious reasons. You can criticize it, call it nostalgia, whatever else, but even today I have more fun playing Vice City and Vice City Stories than any other GTA.


With that said, however, I'd also like to see what Rockstar can do with the American south. New Orleans, for example, is one of the US' more unique locales and can get pretty crazy, especially around Mardi Gras.

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No it wasnt an exact replica, it looked like NYC but it wasnt an exact replica. Im talkinh an EXACT REPLICA OF THE REAL NYC, im talkinh street by street, alley to alley, building to building exact replica

Won't happen, we'd be lucky and perhaps surprised if Rockstar cut more corners and rebooted Vice City in a HiDef reworking. The whole point Aaron Garbut was talking about when he said the work would be 'soul destroying' was that making the same game on the next hardware to come down the pike doesn't speak much for creativity or moving the franchise upward and onward. One thing they're looking at is certainly past successes to take into the new games and perhaps shine and buff them up so they differ slightly. I believe the Open World Multiplayer will fall along those lines.


Carcer City may have seen service before, but with the real Detroit being a major city in the USA under Bankruptcy, it bodes even better then a year before as a candidate for revisiting by Rockstar and giving the USA Midwest it's own current gen redux edition GTA

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Forgot to append this link, though it's simple to get to, if you refresh your memory of the GTA V Synapsis you can just see the association with the real world location it replicates, and just as easily, revamping Detroit with GTA's landmass and landmarks, seems easy to make such an educated guess \/



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