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Next GTA Location


Where do you think the next GTA will be set?  

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  1. 1. Where do you think the next GTA will be set?

    • Vice City
    • San Andreas
    • Los Santos
    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Chicago
    • Carcer City
    • London
    • The UK
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Tokyo
    • Futuristic city (like GTA2)
    • Other real life city
    • New fictional city

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I think that Chicago would be a great place for the next GTA! It's kind of like New York, which Liberty City was modeled after, obviously. Plus it could give Rockstar the chance to put snow into the game.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if they rehashed Vice City or San Andreas. To be honest I'd love to see Vice City brought up to date.Yet on another hand, I don't doubt Rockstar will set it in a new city.

If I had to say I want to see something in GTA V, I'd say a full seasonal cycle. I really would love to see snow presented in a realistic way in an open world game.

Also, I hate it when developers focus on making game worlds bigger. Not that Rockstar is one of those developers. I'm just saying I really don't give a damn how many square kilometers a game covers. They need to focus on making more fully detailed interiors that can be accessed and explored. I'd like to see that in GTA V.

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You and I both. I've only been to Sarasota, Orlando, Newark and Tampa.

I have posted in here before but a new Vice City would be great. I personally am wanting this new city to be around the same size as the GTA IV version of Liberty City as the size of that city was perfect. I am hoping that if they go with Vice City that there will be much more islands as with Miami, I seem to love islands in games.

In addition, I would like to see a new rendition of Las Vegas (or Las Venturas in the GTA Series). It would really be cool to see. Las Venturas was a relatively small city in GTA San Andreas but a bigger version of it in the next GTA game would be great. I'm thinking that Las Venturas has greater possibility than say Los Santos as Las Venturas is mentioned a lot more in GTA IV although this conclusion means nothing, Rockstar have always done this, mentioned the next city along with various other locations to trick us and to get us to start thinking about it.

I have always fancied a European location but it seems less likely for a GTA game to be set outside North America or the USA as there has only really been one GTA game that has.

If it were to be an American or Canadian city that was chosen, I would love to see a depiction of:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chicago, Illinois

Miami, Florida

Toronto, Canada

Atlanta, Georgia

Elsewhere I would love to see a depiction of:

Paris, France

London, United Kingdom

Glasgow, UK

Berlin, Germany

Naples, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Mexico City, Mexico

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San Andreas would be great because they have only used it once as Liberty City/Vice City have been used at least twice before. They should also consider basing it somewhere in Europe. The Balkan would be interesting.

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I indeed LOVE Vice city. The way it was in GTA:VC

Ok im a big fan of the whole mafia feeling, the colors. The radio stations. It was so great.

It had alot to offer.

For the next GTA I'd think somthing like Tokyo for real city. Otherwise it could be in most places. IF they decided to go out of USA cities. It should be an american as the main character trying to fit in. Some asian city would work. A reverse GTA 4 with an american in some eastern-europe contry or at least trips to the places could be cool.

Just please lets have those camero appearances like the mission where you go back to the diner in from SA to VC.

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