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(TGTAP Clan) Xbox360 + PS3.

The Cool

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:This topic is for 360 & PS3:

By now i'm sure all of you have heard of the online multiplayer in GTA IV, if not here's the link http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16196

To all the members of this forum that own a 360 or PS3, we can start TGTAP Clan right now. If you choose the Blue pill you can go on about your useless life, but if you choose the Red pill we welcome you to a world with no rules, where we don't fear the law, but they fear us. We will be brothers in illegal arms, and we will set up turf in the Hove Beach area of Broker.(Carney Island will be are playground)

This clan has no leader, but will be a group of strong voices. There will be many sets in this clan, up to 8 players a set. We will get together and have friendly competition that will consist of two set going against each other, completing the limit of 16 players.

There will come a time for you to represent, and this will be when your clan of 8, meet a clan not associated with TGTAP. Victory is a must, but defeat will open you up to be replaced by new recruits, so "Play Hard, Fight Harder."

If any of you like the retro game Road Rash, then you'll love this next idea i've come up with. In race mode we can set up a Road Rash type of game. No guns, but all the melee weapons available. We will set up the amount of laps, checkpoints, what part of the city, & the finish line. We'll be are own little biker gang.

This next mode has been set up on many different forums so far, and it's a great idea. We will use the Free-roam mode to set up a Fight Club. 16 players will meet in a chosen location(i.e. Middle Park) then 14 of the 16 will gather in a circle, while the remaining 2 fight it out. There will be no Guns, but melee weapons will be available to the winner of 3 straight victories.

Remember if you commit to this, you might have to get rid of some of your friends to make room. Just state your gamer-tag or PSN i.d., and you will officially be part of the clan. We will get more organized after the release of the Greatest Game Of All Time. My gamer-tag is (Reginald Urban)

So once again, Red or Blue pill?

(Play Hard, Fight Harder)


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