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I think that the whole "line of sight" business & the realistic spawning of cops, will all help to make getaway driving more rewarding for skilled wheelmen. If we are all honest, pay n sprays were a lazy way to evade capture & personaly I thought that they brought an unsatisfyingly abrubt end to some of my more thrilling chases.

This move is a sign that GTA is maturing & it should be a great way to inject both fun & realism into the driving side of the game.

Well said man. I bet it will 10 times more fun to lose the cops this time around. Imagine after a long and exciting chase you cut around an alleyway, drive away into another part of town where it is deserted, maybe a park and then your heat goes away. Instead of driving into a garage, having your car painted a different colour and then driving back out safely.

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I never used Pay N Spray (oh, once in every GTA, just for mission purposes).

Driver: Parallel Lines had a quite realistic way of losing cops I have to admit. For those of you who haven't played it, you have 2 wanted levels - on foot and in car. If you get caught shooting (on foot) you get a foot wanted level. Now, if the cops see you steal a car, your car gets the same amount of wanted level. If they don't see you, your car has no wanted level and cops will not react unless you commit another crime while in the car. Switching cars (if unseen by the cops) resets your car wanted level. And you can completely lose wanted levels if you get out of cops' sight for a certain amount of time. Unlike in GTA, where you had a wanted level no matter were you concealed or not.

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i hope having played the need for speed games hwere losing the cops is an art form that it will give me an edge in losing the cops in IV i dont get all the people who are shitting their pants about not having pay n sprays anymore me and mrllamallama had competitions whereby the person to lose a 4 or 5 star wanted level quickest wins and you werent allowed to use pay n sprays so people calm the fuck down and use something called intutive or however you spell it...

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......... but surely dont drive like an ass and you wont fuck it up lol drive fast but good

Tell that to the retard peds who constantly pull "crazy Ivan" turns in traffic. GTA is the worst for that so far, I think the

ped AIs are programmed to be erratic when you "see" them. :clapping:

As for fixing your cars, You'll probably have a garage to store cars or there could be repair/mod garages where you pay

to fix your cars. Have seen a few ways of doing that, interested to see what GTA4 is like.

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just readin 360 mag (will do scans/pics tomorrow) and it says in it that there are pay and sprays.

They were doing a mission for packie and thay had to steal a van full of drugs, after killin everyone and making away in the van a load of cops came after them so they got out of sight and drove into a pay and spray, then drove casually to their destination.

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