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First GTA IV Multiplayer Screenshots


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Dutch gaming website XboxWorld.nl has posted the first images of GTA IV's multiplayer modes in a new preview on their website. Additionally, they posted a number of digital versions of screenshots that recently appeared in various magazines. There are 20 normal single player screenshots and 9 multiplayer screenshots, a selection of which are shown below. The rest you can see in our gallery.


UPDATE: It appears the article has been pulled, along with all the screenshots. XboxWorld may have posted this a little sooner than R* would have liked.

Source: XboxWorld.nl

Thanks Charger for the heads-up.

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these screen look incredible!, you so know i'm getting in a helicopter and blasting you lot away! you al' got no chance! :D lol

does this prove that it will be in an open world, where you have all of gta 4 to go through? seems to me to be that way as you have the rest in the back ground?

ahhhh i cant wait only 1 month 3 days to go.. or acording to amazon who says that it will be delivered to my house on the 24th.. which i wont complain about!! lol.. but if that happens then its 28days to go for me! butttttt thats probably wrong :( but amazon always deliver before release date! well 80% of the time anyway.

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