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I decided to get a PS3 ........ thanks for al the great input


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Good choice.

If you're not gonna post anything helpful or worthwhile, then don't post at all.

ON-TOPIC, the MGS4 bundle is $500, which is a good deal considering you get MGS4, an 80GB hard drive, and a Dualshock. Unfortunately, it's not coming out until June 12.

Uhh...suck it.

I guess you wouldn't be willing to say that to me eh? Anyway. Do contribute to the topic if you're going to post at all. I mean, pushing PS3 with no reason behind your argument is just silly. I know I deleted said posts, but my point still stands.

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WiFi is a wireless technology, like bluetooth. Most wireless((internet)) devices use it. When you only need device-to-device((no internet)) connection, bluetooth works just fine, though.

i got the PS3 becuase i think it would be easier to control becuase ive never really liked the xbox controller and i dont really care for extra missions like that one guy said theyll probably come out for PS3 anyways later after that and i dont think their will ever be a pc version for anyone who is waiting for it

Well, honestly, the only major differences between the current controllers is the shape. Funnily enough, the 360 controller feels rather more comfortable. Before you yell "FANBOY!!", I have been backing Sony since the beginning. Y'know, Playstation vs. N64? Yeah. Granted, now I'm not really for Sony at all. The controller was one of the reasons I wanted to stick with them, in fact. But seriously, the 360 controller is extremely nice to use.

And I'm sort of doubting the whole PS3 downloadable content. At least, it being the same thing. Microsoft is dishing out quite a lot of money for it. If I were them, and Rockstar released my rather expensive DLC on my rivaling console((even if it's down-the-road a bit)), I'd be rather pissed and probably would avoid business with them for a while.

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I don't think PS3's have reverse compatability, at least not the 40GB. The 60GB edition did, but that is no longer selling in shops.

The 40GB does not. I believe that the 80GB does still offer backwards compatibility, though.

yeah that really pissed me off. in australia you can only get the 40gb version. the 80gb one wont come out here until xmas 2008. the reason that the 40gb version doesn't have backwards compatability is because sony took out the Emotion Engine (Playstation 2 CPU) chip that does the job. the 80gb console uses software emulation to play them.

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