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April Fools Joke

Harwood Butcher

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I've thought up this April Fools joke that I'm going to play on some of my friends, but it might be going a bit too far.

Tomorrow and Tuesday(03/31/08, 04/01/08) I'll talk to my friends about being depressed and on Tuesday(April 1st) I'll seem extremely depressed and tell them that I'm getting so depressed that it might get to a life or death situation. Then on Wednesday I won't be in school because I'm going to Washington D.C. until the following Sunday. On Thursday I'm having another one of my friends spread a rumor that I died, but he won't go into specifics and say he just heard some random person talk about it. Then I won't be in school on Friday either and hopefully my friends assume that I'm dead...LOL...I sort of have a sick sense of humor. Anyways, if all goes well I'll come back to see my friends in shock and hopefully find that it didn't get out of hand where the entire school thinks I'm dead and in conjunction with that my records get deleted.

What do you guys think of my idea?

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He's not saying tell everyone that he's dead. He's saying lead them to believe it, by saying he's depressed and suicidal. Then because he's away, nobody will know where he is and it'll be "omg I wonder if he killed himself".

You'd only ring up someone and go "I'm sorry for your loss" if it was confirmed, if someone had told you that he HAD died. If you weren't told, it could be a million other things, but because of the depression you would assume it to be suicide or something bad.

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