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Hello all!

New member here.

I know people are prolly playing TBOGT MP more than the original IV, but since I don't have XBox Live and just recently got IV for the PC, I thought I'd network to as many GTA Forums as I can.

I have been playing IV since it's release date, have both DLC's (100% in IV and TLAD - still working on it for TBOGT) and am now going for 100% on the PC. The reason I got it for the PC is so I can join in MP, rank up and so forth.

I am a 34 year old gamer. Been playing since Asteroids on Atari lol. I am not a noob at IV, but AM at MP and would like some experienced people to play with.

So, in ending this long winded post, if you have GFWL (or xbox live - still not sure of the cross compatibility) feel free to add me. I won't bug you, won't do stupid stuff and will always give the same respect I get.

If you want to add me, my GFWL and XBox Live ID is: Mor9heus

I look forward to playing with alot of cool people, and look to be apart of this forum for a long time.

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Mine is:RecordedDoom

omg that sig is so fuckin epic lmao :D

Mine is Pooert

But i think my friends list is full, I might have one space open not too sure.. I can play game's online on my PC without additional charge's.. All I pay for is the internet and I can game online.. AND im allowed as many friends on steam as I god damn well please.. Also this thing EA has started with online passes and such.. Is even MORE of a joke. Console gaming just isnt what it used to be -_-

Edit: But yeah, i have a SHIT LOAD of game's for my 360.. Including about 70 arcade game's lol

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