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hey, i'm new to these forums. looking for good players, or to join a clan or whatever the hell you people do here.

i play GTA 4 on xbox live

xxxSIDESH0Wxxx (the "o" is a zero)

live in east coast u.s. time

favorite modes are:

Turf war

Team Deathmatch

Free Mode vs. cops

Cops n Crooks

i'm ranked 5 (almost 6), and i might be able to invite one or two other good players if you need it.

really just trying to find an active crew that actually plays the game not just talk about it. i'd like to be competitive. you guys have any leagues set up or anything? that role playing gang thing i saw here didn't really interest me as much as playing for a team in-game. any info would be helpful. sorry if i posted this in any wrong area.

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Hello, just signed up.

Can be found playing GTA4 on XBL most nights, and a bit of an all rounder really, from race, GTA race, DM, TDM and after a few of those, I kick back for an hour or so in FreeMode.

Would be great to have some people add me, as I usually wander around by myself. XBL tag is: BlackwatchEoEB.

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