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7 more days...


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Grand Theft Auto IV, will be release into retailers and customers exactly one week today. The release of Grand Theft Auto IV was slated for release in October 2007 but had been delayed by 6 months. In March 2007 we had no idea where GTA IV was going to be set in the new rendition but sources and rumours going around say it would be London, Chicago, The United States but it was unveiled in Trailer 1 that it would be set in Liberty City and many of us were astonished that we were heading straight back to a new Liberty City. Now we look at the game as a graphics genius and many more positive things about the game. No doubt about it that Rockstar Games will have done an excellent job and we may thoroughly enjoy the game when it is released in seven days.


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Damn, it's a week already. I just wonder how different it'd be if GTA IV released as scheduled.

I know right? Damn, the shit I've heard about it... makes me want to cum.

I don't think the game may have been quite as good if it was released in October. They have probably improved the game in the 6 months before the game's release.

I completely agree with you.

Ah,yeah... feels just like yesterday we were mad because it's been delayed. :D

No shit huh? Since GTA IV went gold I really don't think they're going to reschedule it.

yes thats what i was thinking, 5 days of slow motion. just sleep for 5 days, coz when GTA 4 comes out i will be on it for days on end! AND IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!

Going by pretty good for me, I'm spending my time in LVP.


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