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Desert Fox

Who Is This Mystery Man?

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Hi everyone when i say this i think i speak for a lot of GTA fans including myself who want closure on the fully detailed story and background of GTA3's hero Claude (If that is his real name?) so add any info to this topic about the mystery man and i will compile all of this info to try and get the story of GTA's hero and share with the public.

Here is a list of things im kind of looking for about Claude or Whatever you wish to call him

1.Possible names you have heard or think could be it.



4.Rap Sheet or any crimes he is involved with.

5.Or anything you know that i did not list.

Things i know or have heard.


Birthplace-Liberty City,San Fiero

Associates-8-Ball,Luigi Goterelli,Tony Cipriani,Salvatore Leon,Maria,Misty,Joey,Kenji Kasen,Asuka Kasen,Catalina

Rap Sheet-Armed Robbery,Petty Car Theft.

Thank You Please Send What You Know For The Sake Of All Of The Concerned And Confused GTA Fans So We Can Get Closure And Bring This Mystery Man To Light.

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crimes:blow up his "girlriend" heli,caring a dead body on his trunk,escaping from a enforcer ,and Gun assault name:Claude Speed ,Birthplace possibly Red county,Liberty city(old one),or san fierro ,age 22-28

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He could have been born and raised in San Andreas, possibly from a broken family, which explains why he ended up in a life of crime.

I resent that!

but also Drag racing obviously he has some land (the garage)in San Fierro that led me to include he atleast lived there for sometime if not born there

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Well after killing Salvatore the whole mafia is on his head so I think he lost the asosiacions with 8 Ball,Misty,Luigi Goterelli,Joey Leone,Toni Cipriani and especially Salvatore Leone ... or his soul.

And he was shot by Catalina in the bank rob so Catalina is off the associates list.

So with all your stuff I think:

He was born in San Andreas, in a broken family.He jacked cars and raced for money.He bought a garage in San Fierro, then when racing he met Catalina.They went to Liberty doing crimes, robbing banks and jacking cars but he was betrayed by Catalina and left to die in an alley.From then he swears revenge on Catalina and Miguel and he accomplished his mission, althrough loosing some friends like Asuka.And now I think he is living with Maria in LC ... or I think he shot.Who knows?

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