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Jack Thompson reaches out to Take Two exec's mother


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let me get this right people...

mr i am so fucking great jack thompson is critiscing (once again) take two for what they are doing woth the whole GTA franchise... they are protraying essentailly crimianl activities and gloryfying them...

well irony is so funny, he doesnt realise that by doing this sending letters to the cheif execs mum is actually a crime in itself, he could very well be sued and mabe taken to prison on the grounds of harassment. i am sure that mrs Zelnick has had nothing to do with the production of any of the GTA games, and it is not her fault that he son happens to be the cheif exec of the developer that makes them, what next? he's gunna write to mrs houser? yeah i can see sam and dan houser taking kindly to that!

there ios only one way to describe mr. thompson and that is a douchebag...

if by some miracle you read this jackie boy i want you to know that it is not GTA that turns people into raving killers, it is the minds of the peole i have played this game for years but i realise that it is exactly that a fucking game, so why dont you get off your fucking horse bend over and take it's 10 inch dick in your ass, coz well lest face it after this performance of harassment and shit, you aint getting any other action are you?

maybe you would i f you took the time out to get some hobbies leave your parents and basement and meet some people, you do know what they look like right?

so i think that concludes, or do i need to say all of this crap to your face? coz well, i will, happily mr. thompson, oh and you may want a towel coz i have spit cintrol problem, when i meet retards like you i dunno it kinda just spills out onto their face, must be a natural reaction...

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Dear Jack Thompsons Mother,

I am writing to you to explain how much of a selfish, stupid asshole you have raised. Jack Thompson not only blames games for the violence of today, but also refuses to listen to anyone else or even care about what anyone else thinks or believes.

This is a man who can call an 18 year old an un-inportant number on live radio. A man who won't let anyone else speak and sends letters to Take2's executives mother who has nothing to do with what he is against. He is willingly ruining his own life and everyone else around him. This man deserves to be behind bars mearly for the fact he is not only annoying but is corruptand rude.

I also want to take the time to tell you that you must give him some attention as he's merely an attention seeker and needs a new hobby. Perhaps you could play some games with him or just talk to him? Explain how the world doesn't evolve around Jack and he's not really effecting anything at all. Maybe you can teach him to raise his own son better as he is willing to record his son buying a game that is well over his age just to make a ridiculous point. He is just proving that he is like all other parents who don't watch what there kids are doing properly. Except, he watches them and still lets them bag 18+ rated games.

Take him out of our lives before we end up taking him out of his. He blames videogames for violence yet he hasn't given a proper reason why and he makes me more angry than anything else. What happens when Jack doesn't win? He has prooved he will go to any effort to stop videogames so i'd hate to see what happens when he notices he can't win!

Thank you for your patience.

Yours Sincerely Deji

:D Perfect. spent ages on that. Now just to get his mothers address... lol

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A letter from me to J(A)T:

Dear Jack Thompson,

I would like to inform you that you act like an ass to Take 2 Interactive. Why do you do this? GTA isn't sold to children or something, just leave us alone, cunt! Assfuck!

And your mother needs to read this:

Dear JT's Mother,

Your son is a cunt. He acts like a 7 year old child, trying to ban all the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games, which are violent, yes, but not solt to children like your assfuck motherfucker son says.

Please teach him a lessom


(my name)

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