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The Cable Car (Spoilers)


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I was doing some freeroam when I drove over Algonquin Bridge when I looked at my left

and I saw a red cable car just outside the bridge. I drove down to the building I saw the cable coming from to check it out. I then saw two cable cars going from West Algonquin Bridge to Colony Island. And I was able to ride them.

I don't know if anybody knew this from before but it was clearly something new to me though.

The cable car is the same as the one on the game cover, the red one.

Pictures: t_IMG0300m_e79afd7.jpg


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Well As soon as i did the blow your cover mission i saw the cable car you can get in it but it goes to broker not the little island but you can't shoot out of it or jump on top of it before it leaves, once you get into it the cinimatic camera modes starts and you can't do much with it because it's really slow.

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