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Jbmeira is going to be on a secret mission, because a pink Faggio was stolen, TNF might also be on the case.

Story coming soon.

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Isn't that the dude from GTAForums?

Yes, he was a good guy, and hated xt0ny, so he will be the main character in it.

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Warners pink Faggio was stolen by xt0ny.

He used it to get to Area 69 and tried to escape, he got to the roof of the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles, he was surrounded by cops and choppers.

xt0ny: "g0 awayy, i iz cewl, my 2pic waz not stup1d, im a big n00b hoo lieks to shag dodos and wank 2 frida"

Police Maverick "Fail!"

One of them repels and beats the crap out of xt0ny until he begs for no more.

xt0ny: "ahhh, plz st0p, i admit i am a n00b hoo got pwned by TNF, and jbmeira pwned me aswell, i am a loser, jbmeira waz rite wen hee told mee 2 fuk off"

Police Maverick "Hahahha, let's beat him more.

They continue to beat him, and then pick up xt0ny by the foot and dangle him off the edge to scare him, he panics like a wuss.

TNF was busy at the time, he was at the Staples Center signing his autograph to random women and tourists who know him from the famous TV show called "Alucardo's Stories", He called Jbmeira and said that he is too busy to get to the rooftop scene, Jbmeira must get there on his own and solve it.

Jbmeira was able to get to the scene on the roof of the building, the Maverick decides not to arrest xt0ny, Jbmeira beats him with a sex toy, then throws a spade at his face, and finishes the fight by throwing him off the edge after setting him on fire.

Xt0ny's beat up, burning body falls down from the roof, and lands on top of a gas truck which explodes, vaporising him.

Everyone back on the helipad got out there as quickly as possible to not be seen, the Maverick flew off, and Jbmeira put on a parachute and skydived.

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5 posts in a row!

Meanwhile at Nazz’s party, Eddy and Ed snuck inside the party unnoticed.

“How come Sockhead and his Kanker girlfriend get invited to the party? Oh how I wish I was invited into a party and chat up the girls.” Eddy grumbled.

“Let’s go up to Nazz’s bedroom and sniff her panties.” Ed suggested.

“Good idea Lumpy, I bet they smell awesome.” Eddy said, and the two perverts sneak upstairs away from the dancing crowd and into Nazz’s room, once they were upstairs Eddy grabbed the nearest panty and took a big fat sniff hoping to smell something awesome, but it smelled awful, and no wonder, the panties belonged to May Kanker.

“GROSS!!! Where the fuck did that ugly Kanker’s panties come from?” Eddy said in shock.

“Maybe the Kanker Sisters are here!” Ed said, he was scared.

“Oh please fucking no!?! If those ugly freaks come in we’re gonna end up with scars!” Eddy said.

“Oh Eddy?” Lee called; she was hiding under Nazz’s bed.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Eddy screamed, it was too late ,“I’M TOO YOUNG!! ED HELP ME!! HEEEELLLLPPP!!”

“But Eddy, If I help you then the ugly Kanker will fill my asshole up with a fat dildo!” Ed said and then he ran off grabbing one of Nazz’s panties.

“NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Eddy screamed, it was too late for him and the two rednecks prepared for themselves for Eddy’s worst nightmare.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Ed laughed like he usually did, he ran downstairs wearing the panty on his head.

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suhhgowihroisno was on a personal vendetta to get revenge on Jbmeira for brutally killing xt0ny.

Jbmeira was back at the offices of Alucardos Stories, TNF was hitting on his female secretary while Jbmeira filled in a report on the the death of xt0ny as he fell from the roof of the US Bank Tower on fire, nobody knows who killed him, but TNF and Jbmeira know, because it was Jbmeira.

He gets a phone call from Unnamed Noodle.

"Hello, we have a problem, suhhgowihroisno is out there, and he ain't too happy."

Jbmeira says "Come on TNF, we have an important mission, suhhgowihroisno, a "famous for being dumb" criminal is on the loose"

TNF while stroking his secretary.

" Dude, I'm a little busy right now, can't you see?"

Jbmeira will have to go solo for this case, he jumps into a Super GT and tracks suhhgowihroisno to West Hollywood.

Jbmeira finds suhhgowihroisno hiding in the underground, he points his Shotgun.

" Give up you moron, I have back-up outside, you are partially surrounded"

suhhgowihroisno says "Wat u fuk off, coz u isnt caching mee, i TINK [email protected] iz Cewl!"

Jbmeira " Dude, you can't even talk properly, fail of the month!"

suhhgowihroisno says "So wat, i mayk stupid 2pics, Dey r simpel.

Jbmeira "See what I'm talking about" he says this to his radio to all back-up.

" Oh No" suhhgowihroisno said, scratching his nuts.

suhhgowihroisno tries to fire a rocket at him, it misses and hits the wall, he then gets on a go-kart to escape.

Jbmeira chases him with his Super GT, he has trouble because it oversteers, and suhhgowihroisno ordered his thugs to try and stop Jbmeira.

He eventually caught up while chasing him across the Hollywood Hills, he knocks the go-kart right and it goes fall down the hill and smashes into a wall, suhhgowihroisno is injured.

He chases him on foot through the streets about to catch him when they reach the Kodak Theater, suhhgowihroisno fires at Jbmeira with a scoosh pistol, knocking him onto his feet, but Jbmeira grabs a camera from the building and flashes it, then finally takes out the Quadruple Barreled Shotgun and finally shoots suhhgowihroisno in the face , accomplishing his mission.

The End.

It is Angry Gorilla's turn to make the next story.

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Jbmeira is awarded a vacation for killing suhhgowihroisno.

TNF can't help with the next crime case, he tells the others he is busy with a TV project, but is actually with his secretary in London, Spider-Vice is also in London with them, he can't help either.

Recent reports claim an evil menace, who calls himself Johnny-Kazuki pretended to be a good guy, then double crossed everyone and is out to cause chaos.

Who can continue the story? And who will try to stop JK?

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I have become really busy with life in general so I will probably not be able to come to TGTAP on a regular basis anymore, so I cannot bring joy and lulz with my 'Alucardo's Stories' anymore which is sad because I enjoy poking fun at n00bs who cause trouble and whatnot.

Therefore one of you will have to replace my role here as the Storyteller of the Random Topic, who? I dunno, I hope to come back one day to bring forth more stories and screenshots of CJ doing weird things like shooting gorillas in the desert with a minigun, or wandering around a long forgotton nuclear plant.

Good bite folks, I hope to come back soon.

Angry Gorilla

Just kidding

Edited by Angry Gorilla

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