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Minor upgrade + a couple of changes

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Earlier this evening I performed a minor upgrade on TGTAP's forum software, which mainly fixed a few bugs and glitches, none of which probably affected us but it's good to keep up to date.

One new feature was added to your profile pages, and that is the "About Me" tab. This takes over as the default tab, showing instead of your latest topics. Here you're supposed to just write a little bit about yourself, if you want to. You can edit it by either going to My Controls, or by viewing your own profile and clicking the edit link.

Another change which we made ourselves was colour highlighting for pinned topics. At the moment we're using a bright yellow for announcements, and slightly lighter colour for pinned topics. Some people welcomed this, and some have made it clear they'd prefer different colours. It's something we can easily change - if you have better suggestions for colours then let me know and we'll decide if it would be better.

The point of it though is mainly for our newer members so that the important topics stand out more. Too many newbs have been making topics asking questions that have already been answered numerous times and already have a pinned topic etc.

So we'd like the colours to be fairly bright, but not so much they become off putting to members.

That is all.

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