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Pole Posistion


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ok so in regular vice city there was a back room in the pole position. in vcs the pole posotion isnt even open. does anyone know if there is any place similar to what was in the original VC

i have no idea i really dont play vcs anymore there might be

oh and welcome to the gta place

i could help you get started if u want

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Who the hell cares, I would just pop her head off.

And no you can't get access to the pole position. Here it's closed!

what the fuck is your problem man ? are you a women-hater or something ?

Woman-hater? Wtf are you thinking about? I don't even consider hookers as people.

And no I don't have anything against woman, besides you quoted a 9 days old post.

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holy shit dude,you should consider a career in church

You should consider a career in shuting up :)

I see that you have to pay women to get attention but Flesh-n-Bone just doesn't like that type of person, it's his opinion, have respect.

Besides from this comment, there's nothing really left to say so someone should lock this probably.

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if he doesn't have respect for hookrs and strippers then i don't have respect for him

Be it, who cares, in my opinion hookers are losers who wouldn't get attention of any pimp if they were normal woman so they decide to sell their soul so men would like them. It's simple as that, like it or not.

And I don't give a fuck if you respect me or not.

Let me tell you something, you were the same guy who said cocaine is cool.

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