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Kill Phill, Part II


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Heyy, KILL PHILL II, the mission was so easy, but the end of it is so hard! I get the key card from the fallen gunman, and go to the basememt, and the people in there are shooting like crazy!!!! I just can't walk in there, i'd get killed instantly! Is a rocket launcher fine to use? What weapon should i use and what kind of tactics, ( getting in there, who to kill first? etc... I have tried, like 4 different weapons already.... minugun, flame thrower, laser sniper and a pistol.......

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obviously make sure you have full armor / health before you start. theres also armor pickups i think, along the way.

i used the m16 / m4 whatever it is. that was fine for me. tactics-- well i sorta hide, then edge out, shot a few, hid again. repeat til there dead.

^grenades might do the trick, but i reckon your standing still for a little too long and you'l probably get shot.

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