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Saints Row 2


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I fucking hate the strongholds. But the thing most worst about it is... RESPECT METER. One of the worsts things I've ever seen in a video game, like c'mon. You get a ass load of Repsect in the begining of the game. Then when its the few lasts missions and strongholds you try to do some activities and you've probably have done all of the easy levels. Which makes the game boring.

But eh just live with it. Anyway I'm up in the Ultor missions for me. :)

BTW does anyone know the Unlimited Respect cheat? Can you tell me plz. Thank You

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The only stronghold I have trouble with is the brotherhood one, on the airport, can't fucking destroy the last plane.

lol? I finished the stronghold in one go. Just get a fast car, or change your gang vehicles to fast cars. And recruite a saint who's driving a fast car. Then just keep doing drive-bye's and go to the last plane and keep shooting. Its not that hard. lol

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RPG = Good answer.

If you get through your hit lists, you also have 5 satchels at your safe houses & unlimited rifle ammo. AR200 SAW

(get it from Ronin stronghold in Hew Henniquet) also makes short work of jets.

Alternate tactic - Do Fuzz activity (level 6) & capture a (unmarked) Bear APC, or just rob a store in Saint's Row

district & grab one from the roadblocks. Park the Bear behind the hanger before you take the mission.

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BTW does anyone know the Unlimited Respect cheat? Can you tell me plz. Thank You

Not so much of a cheat but every time you do a driving stunt (near miss, oncoming traffic, etc) or combat trick

(gang kill, head shot, nut shot, etc) you gain a little respect. Between that & activities/diversions you can rack up

respect & get to unlimited respect fairly quickly. Holdups, hostages & mugging also rack a little & lead to free

food, a nice quadbike & unlocking a special homie.

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Great time killer in co-op.

TAZER TAG!!! The shock paddles won't work on your partner & you can't grab 'em, but the tazer works is funny as

hell. In a round of full blown tazer tag all weapons eventually become fair game. I usually end up satchels (me) VS

RPGs (partner), resulting in hilarious mutual kills, usually inside one of the savehouses.

Last night he thought he got the drop on me, literally. He jumped off one of the savehouses ( I was on the ground)

& managed to evade fire on the way down, landing behind one of the limos where I couldn't see him (knowing I had

the sniper rifle instead of the RPG). Then he saw the satchel on the hood of the limo. :evil: BOOM!!! Blowing up a

car doesn't seem to count as friendly fire & usually results in fire injury as well as splash damage from the explosion.

We've also established the animation of getting into the UFO is a little slow for quick getaways, I planted a couple on

his canopy while he was taking off. We also established that you can't see what's going on around you when your in

the garage menu. While calling up a heli he didn't see the satchel I threw on the helipad just under the heli he called

up. I laughed so hard I had to pause the game because I thought I would pass out. That one made up for starting

the round w/out telling me.

It goes both ways, sometimes you dominate & sometimes you get owned, but it sure is fun.

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I'm gonna have to grab up some free XBL things, I wonder if those two I got from UO are still active... I just picked up this game, and beat it in 3 days haha. I have plenty of free time during the summer, its extremely fun. I'll probably make a new save, do all the activities then do missions. I wanna do the co-op mission stuff, sounds fun too

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I've started playing again, got the "Corporate Warfare" & "Ultor Exposed" DLC. There's also the "Unkut" pack (free).

Both CW & UE include a few new vehicles, 3 missions & some clothing options but pale in comparison to TLAD. The

missions are beatable but better suited for co-op. In UE you get a preview of a vehicle from Red Faction: Guerrilla,

the EDF Scout, a beefed up Jeep w/ a RPG turret.

Anyway, I'll be on later.

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Probably been mentioned before but has anyone found the

hidden mission?

To get to it, go to the 3rd floor of the police station in Saints District and listen to the 3 wiretapped conversations. After this, make your way toward Troy's office and pick up the files. This will give you Dex's number and he will tell you the location of JULIUS.

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When you get ready to do the Somdei mission "Shopping Maul", hit me up on co-op & I'll help you get it.

Gah!! When I get a 360. Okay here's a crazy story. When i went to the mall to buy SR2 for the PS3. You know the collectors edition. I ended up with the USB Card , Map , Money Clip , and Two Saints Row Video Games. lol. I didn't get the tin can. So when I get a 360 this Christmas or sooner. I'll hit you up. Thats because I'm trading in the PS3 version in for the 360.

Does anyone know where to get the original saints row? SR1?

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It's been out long enough you should be able to get it cheap at any shop that carries used games. By now it should be

$15-20 (US). The first one was a great game, worth it.

Here's a useful glitch from the first SR, catch an armored car & get it to your garage. Take it out & ram stuff until it

explodes (no cop attention from wrecking it) & pick up the $$$ it drops, usually around $5-7k. Go to your garage &

call it up again, fix it for $500 & do it again. The armored car will be restocked w/ cash every time.

In SR2 they fixed the glitch & the money only shows up the first time you destroy the car. Once it goes into the garage

there's no cash.

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