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[WIP|SCR] GTA Eastport City


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GTA Eastport City

Ok, so i have recently started getting into map modeling, and i really love it, so i decided to start modeling a new city to replace all of VC. Im going for a British style city, based loosely on cities in the north east of England to be precise, i always felt that region has a nice gritty atmosphere which is kind of perfect for GTA. I dont have any completion date set, it'll be done when its done basically, im just going take it steady.


- A medium sized city + surrounding countryside, maybe a few small towns and villages too.

- New player model.

- High quality re-modeled weapons.

- Cars, i might make new ones, or i might alter some existing GTA cars, or both.

- New missions (possibly), not quite sure about this yet, i want to get the map finished before i even think about missions.








Some generic burnt out cars.



Tell me what you think. More screenies soon.

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Hey all. A few more screens for you. As you can see i have started making a few buildings now. I also tried my hand at making some realistic trees, im fairly pleased with the way it turned out but i think i will have to reduce the polycount, because if i place a load of them together it really starts to lag the framerate.



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this looks pretty nice :)

BP lol. you could get the fuel mod (i think it was included with spaceeinsteins all in one mod v2), then it'd be useful sorta lol.

i remember i put that on, but it was sorta lame, having driven around for so long without needing fuel...but you could put some custom missions too maybe :P

but yeah the maps look cool. it lags? whats your pc specs lol, i run vice city on 1280x800 (max res for laptop) full details etc and i never once encountered the tiniest bit of lag :P ah well.

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Right, its been a while so time for some more stuff. As you can see ive made a new section of beach, and also been working on a mechanics with an interior. It was a fucking bitch getting the col file to work properly, but i finally managed it.

WRX22B1998, it only lags around those trees, but bear in mind they are around 2500 polys each. I probably wont use them.






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amazing job, the mapping is a bitch with map making lol so i got respect for ya :P

do ya think you could give us a birds eye view of the whole map so far?

EDIT: lol just noticed the tree problem, i put the generic max tree's ingame for a mod im half making just using models i've downloaded and i can just ge from max without modeling them i had like 20 near each other and didn't lagg with them at 17k poly's each.. but you also have big alpha chanels in yours which sometimes cause lag so blacken the center of the alpha's and leave only the outsides detailed, that plus lower poly tree's should help ya :P

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