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Aussie Cars

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Being an Aussie, I'm intrigued to know what people from other countries think of our latest and greatest fuel guzzling monsters! Cheap prices, big power!

The latest Holden Commodore (GMH, Vauxhall) Pick one up for around 30k Aus

More info:

- 180kw (241HP) V6 in a 1690kg (3718lb) large family sedan

- 270 kW (360HP) in the V8





The latest Ford Falcon - Pick one up for around 30k Aus

With 290kW of power and a new suspension setup, this is the Ford Falcon XR8





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Hahah i guess :P

i love the classics though as well. HK monaro, XY falcon, even the VL's look mad (they are like late 80s i think)

the new F6 (turbo v6) from FPV is lookin pretty fast

Engine Size (cc) 3984

Power 310kW @ 5500rpm

Torque 565Nm @ 1950-5200rpm

Kerb Weight: 1771kg

the old F6 (last years)

Power 270kW @ 5250rpm

Torque 550Nm @ 2000-4250rpm

Kerb Weight: 1805kg

lighter and faster :P




^ the new one

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Ahh, there's not many cars around that can beat the beauty of the HK-HG Monaro. Even the Kingswoods had a certain look that not many cars have captured since.

@Urbanoutlaw. You like the XB Coupes ey? Well, my father owns an 1974 XB Coupe.. Black, though rusting. It's been poorly looked after the last 5 years. It spends most of its time garaged in hope it doesn't gather any more rust. It's covered in fish oil at the moment, Haha. Work will begin on it in late 2010. Projects and plans aren't executed so easily it would seem. It will cost a shitload, that's main speed bump.




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Lol, she's being rebuilt.. slowly. It's an old 351 clev.. not stroked or bored, just a good old 351ci. The original plan was to stroke it to 377, but who knows what's happening now. Progress has slowed right down.

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North American Pontiac GTO is a left-hand drive Holden Manaro w/ a Chevy V8.

The only difference between a Chevy & a Holden is the Holden comes w/ a free kangaroo. :coolthumbup:

Nuts! Did I type that out loud? My bad.

Um....... It had the Chev V8 in oz too. -But anyway, it revived 2 ledgends at once: Mullets and Monaro's. It was designed to destroy America with secret nukes hidden in the intake manifold, but infortunantly, we had Dole workers do the wiring.

And Kangaroo's in Oz are only located in the Outback or Zoo's, in Urban Area's/Rainforests, its like a Wallabie or something that looks similar.

and wots wrong with a kangaroo :P


I feed my dog Kangaroo. thats the only shit Steyrotypes are worth.

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