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If I cheat...


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I used the ''clear wanted level'' cheat and a text popped up saying that the ''one man army'' and ''walk free'' achievements are blocked. I didn't save the game after that, so my question is - if i load my previous savegame will those achievements still be blocked?

edit: I play GTA IV PC version.

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Good to see you back QD my old VM buddy (Woozie)

It shouldn't do, as Sky said. You should be good to go. Is IV good on PC btw?

Nice to see you too man. Yeah its good, great actually, its very hardware demanding though. On my rig (8800GT 512MB, core2Duo @ 3GHz, 2GB RAM) it runs good at medium settings, i kinda hoped my PC could do better. R* should've optimized the game a bit better IMO. As they wrote themselves in the graphics guide, they made the game to be run at the max settings on future PCs, which I think is kinda lame. There will be other games to play in future. Yeah sure i could buy 2 NVidia GTX 280s ,the new Intel i7 processor and 4 GB RAM, and then play the game, but its not really worth it, and it would cost a fortune.

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Some say the game is "resource hungry", w/ my system it acts like its starving... :rolleyes:

they made the game to be run at the max settings on future PCs,

I wonder where the vouchers are to help us get to "future pc" status ?! :bleh:

Hmm, "future" is relative, "future" could be 1 nanosecond ahead of the current or 10 yrs from now, so I'd like them to be specific on the date/time of this "future" AND what are the specs for the "pc's" they are speaking of, heck the specs may be beyond technology thats available or atleast to the average consumer .. OR it could also be technology available now we jus dont know what it is or if we can afford it... They have released the game already so who is to say that when these "future pc's" appear, that we'll have or even be interested in playing it, by then there could be GTA XIIIII in which yea we may have to wait untill 2047 when more "future pc's" can take full advantage of its capabilities :lolbounce:

Hey QD! I haven't seen or spoke to you in a long time :( How are you finding GTA IV then?

I'd give it 8/10.

QD I sometimes feel like I could give it a 12, that is, a FOOT ^_~

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