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Favorite Guitarists Thread


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Adrian Belew is the best. I see a lot of groups being mentioned but "groups" are not Guitarists. He has played for many groups and vocalists as their choice guitarist.

I like this Japanese commercial he appeared in:

He is by far the best at singing while playing complicated guitar riffs and chords.

Not my favorite composer or player, but still very good.

I didn't have a fucking clue what that ad was about, at all...but it was fun :hurrhurr:

Anyway, we're talking about groups, because groups usually contain guitarists, yano?

No he means everybody just posting the guitarist of their favorite band. Which is what most people are doing.

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L-RiC already gave a reason, but yeah...if you still don't understand...


I wouldn't say "omg have you seen how epic James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett's riffs are epic" because it's wrong:

1. Who knows who James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are? any normal non-fan would know them as Metallica.

2. If you get a group with more than one guitarist, it kinda gets annoying spelling out all their names.

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That's totally untrue, ask any decent guitar player from this era today, and they'll definetely give Kurt Cobain credit for influencing their style.

That's a load of bullshit. You're telling me that EVERY decent guitarist, regardless of style or personality, has influence from Kurt Cobain? That doesn't even make sense.

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Well, the guitarist would be one of the reasons WHY a band is your favorite, no? (Though, my reason is usually the vocalist...new topic?)

Go ahead.

I didn't say EVERY, I said ANY.

But yeah, kinda cross out the definetely part after and replace it with mostly.

Any guitarist I've spoken to who are around my age, even if they don't like Nirvana, have told me they're influenced by Kurt Cobain.

I'm not influenced by Kurt Cobain at all.

And by 'any' you were implying every, since if we were to ask any and they would all say yes, that means every guitarist would say yes.

The only reason anybody knows about Kurt Cobain is because Nirvana did so well in the mainstream market, then his popularity boosted when he died.

Can we all stop using bullets?

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Why is any other famous person known?

Exactly for that reason, so it doesn't really make a difference.

And go read my other posts.

Being known from fame and being known from skill/talent/ability is NOT the same thing. You can get fame from having skill or talent, but it isn't a requirement for fame.

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