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The purpose of the KissPhone is, you guessed it, a way to transmit a kiss from one person to the other. All you need to do is press your lips against the Mick Jagger souvenir there, and the artificial mouth somehow detects percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips. Then send it over the wireless network for another person’s pleasure.

In other words, you now have a legitimate reason to kiss with your cellular phone. Yeah, you might not want to do that in public. What would you call that, a WPDA? (Wireless Public Display of Affection, gross!)

Oh, I haven’t told you the best part. If you want a kiss from Madonna or your favorite “imaginary Hero”, you can get it from the “kiss bank”. I have no idea how they got a “kiss recording” from the Material Girl, but you shouldn’t waste your life trying to figure out if the KissPhone did a legitimate job.

This is one of those products where I could really go on about how unnatural this is, and how we’re getting too infatuated with our technology, but I think this picture says ten thousand words.


Wonder what will happen if someone wants to make out. :awesome:

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If my mate had one of them or something, I would put super glue on it just for a little fun.

Now i hope someone i knows gets one.


Literally every post you've put in this topic was just x2's and x4's. Seriously bro, contribute to topics a little more. There's no race to see who gets the most posts.

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