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Well at this point I'd say "Tough luck" but that sounds pretty harsh to say. :P

I assume the word Proxy has also been blocked on your school PC as well, right? This is exactly the same thing that happened to me when I wanted to access a proxy website on my college PC. If I can remember, my mate spelt Proxy wrong (Funny really), but unlike when typing the right spelling (Which is Proxy), he instead spelt "Proxy" to "Provxy" or something to them lines and he eventually got through to finding some working proxies.

If you have the same case as me, do not spell the word correctly, that is if you're using Google. If you are using Google and searching, but you spelt "Proxy" wrong, DO NOT correct the mistake, or you will get that stupid message from the Internet Blocker.

Well if that's the case of not even having access to a proxy website, try this method, it worked for me and my mate, and we can go on Youtube and Facebook without any problems.

If this doesn't work, then refer to the top sentence.

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Yeah what WRX said.

If the word "Proxy" is spelt right, then obviously if it's placed as a keyword to block, then your chances are that you won't be able to find a site with a proxy, unless you spell it incorrectly. That's what I'm trying to say. It does sound a bit confusing at first, but it's a pretty good tactic if you want to find your way around the internet blocker.

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Type "Hidemyass" on Google. See what the first link says:

"Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously"

See what I mean? The words on that can be blocked from access. Even the word is in their keywords if you look at the source codes too. So that can easily be blocked. Anything that doesn't get spelt correctly can possibly get you access to other proxies which haven't been blocked off.

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You're lucky too. SmoothWallExpress is worse than shit, it's Access Denieds all over the internet and they block almost all proxy websites; since my School Internet is slow as a snail, proxies won't do better since it always gets slower and even some proxies do not even open Youtube videos. It's screwed. Until a friend of mine told me to go to C:\ Drive and delete some file, it was fixed before the first restart (as I could go everywhere then) but as we have a server, when the PC restarts, all erased important files get back to the "affected" PC.

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