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WTF? "Slap Susan Boyle"?

Super Hyphy

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Uber 4 Mio. SINGLES warten auf Dich!

This is retarded as shit though. I prefer all the other ads on the page. Apart from the one that didn't load, that one fucking sucks.

Oh by the way, how fucking old school are you! IE6 on XP with the classic theme. Don't you find that boring as fuck to look at?

LOL LIMEWIRE. Enjoy your poisoned files.

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Heh, next time I went to GTAWM, I got an ad saying "knock out obama"...

@Chris: I'm at a library computer, so it's uncool...at home I have Vista with the Win7 theme, and use Safari as my browser. Much better on the eyes...

But, I can fix the library computer:


About LIMEWIRE: I have a simple method to avoid poisoned files. First, make sure the song has a bitrate. Next, make sure it doesn't say it's a really low filesize (like 600.45 kb). Next, while downloading, make sure to preview the song.

@warrior13: LimeWire is the best. Period.

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lol limewire has fake files a lot, but so do torrents although not as much. limewire is soooo much faster though. i only use torrents if its a whole album otherwise i look on sites like yousendit, zshare etc.

tbh ive never got anything bad (like virus or anything) off limewire the whole time i've been using it...

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The reason why I prefer torrents over frostwire downloads etc is because so their so much more organised and will almost always sound great. Because they are actually organised i can easily add album artwork for each track and it makes my iTunes library very organised. However, I'll sometimes use frostwire if I'm looking for just one song.

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