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Banned Bugs Bunny Racist Scene (Seriously Banned)


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I found this quite racist but funny as hell.

Banned For: Character Bugs Bunny pretending to be a slave and plea's to Yosmite Same not to beat him.

Censorship: On Cartoon Network and the old WB channel showings, the entire part of Bugs as a slave in an attempt to get past Sam is cut.

On the FOX airing of The Merrie Melodies Show, the Bugs as a slave part was cut and the part where Sam gets blasted by a cannon is replaced with a frozen shot of Bugs in drag as a Southern belle leaning against a door.

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A long time ago, when I made a habit of collecting LaserDiscs, prior to DVD mind you, I'd heard about some RARE, OOP (Out of Print) collector titles, ones to watch out for, just like LP collectors, this is still a practice for those who mount impressive collections for Home Theater, one just happens to be a Disney film, not Bugs Bunny, but a motion picture that came under fire for it's Southern themes of the time and the racism issues of the 60s onward, of course the 1950s and prior did have segregation and race quality issues, but this animated film put on LaserDisc to preserve the work of the studio came under fire like most films, for the subject matter. It's supposedly one of the hardest and costliest to obtain of all LaserDiscs that were printed. I could be missing data, I can't recall the film title to be honest, but it may peak your interest to know.

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