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I don't mean to bug people here but, when I was just browsing around the website and the forum to see if there where any interesting topics. I've clicked on the "Cartoons are bad for kids" topic made by steam and I have seen Steam have a Restricted rank. Raybob has this also. I'm kind of puzzled from this because there is no information about restricted members. Can anyone explain what the heck is going on?

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I assume you get this group only if you hit a certain boundary. So looking at your rep in your profile, it says "Bad". I think the only way you can get this is if you give a delete.png to a certain post, that will then effect the poster.

But don't trust me on this. Husky, I suggest you contact the admins since they know more than I do.

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Obviously like Mr. Phillips said, being a Dickhead = Less Privileges. I Like the new idea, hopefully it will become more effective than banning members straight away.

That's exactly the idea. If this was three years ago, Steam and Raybob would have been banned without a second thought. This is designed to show them that they can either improve or leave - it's their choice. If things don't improve, then the ban option will be used.

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I haven't been annoying lately except for 2 topics I made in the Suggestions area that they apparently didn't like.

Don't be annoying at all....?

On a positive note, they gave me my avatar back.

We didn't take it away. If we did, you still wouldn't have it.

I figured out that since they disabled all of my profile options, the 'Show Avatars' option is locked to off, because I can't see anybody's.

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