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Coffee Break Forums

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My new forums! A great new place to just chat about stuff and have fun!

Have have added a pile of mods for your pleasure:

-IBstore 2.8

-Usershops 0.5 for IBstore

-Garage 1.2.1 final (add your real car info and pictures)

-Shadow Arcade 1.5

-Munjpets 1.5

and other small tweaks that are almost un needed! :D

I'm going to add a few more things for even more fun! :)

come to the forums and have some fun when your bored!

CoffeeBreak Forums

Btw, the url is www.sig-core.com/carforums it really has nothing to do with cars lol

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I really hate to double post but I just wanted to let people know and boot it so its active.

Well, my forum theme was kinda crummy and diry looking. So I found a nice new skin thats very sexy :D

Go check it out. And its running good.

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