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New Warning System

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Hey everybody.

Here is a roundup of The GTA Place Forum's new member warning system.

If you flame, post spam, continually or inapropriately advertise, post off topic, double post, show disrespect towards staff, post pornography or in any other way break the rules outlined here, a moderator or administrator can increase your warning level, effectively giving you a star.

If you continue to break the rules, the mods or admins can warn you again, apart from with more and more consequences if you do. Please take the warnings you receive, or you could be banned from the forums temporarily or even permanently. Any mod can issue these warnings or bans. Appeals can not be sought, because you broke the rules and that is that. Mods and admins will review your case without your persuasion - if you annoy staff to change your levels then you may find yourself party to another warning.

Here is what each star that you gain means:

1 = Simple warning

2 = Warning and a mention in the staff forum

3 = 3 day ban

4 = 1 week ban (7 days)

5 = 1 month Ban (28 days)

6 = Permanent Ban

In short, here at The GTA Place we like to keep the forums clean and promote a friendly atmosphere. If you commit such things to warrant a warning, i.e disrupting the friendliness or spamming/flaming etc. We will warn you. To make sure you aren't warned, read the Forum Rules


One side effect of this change is that instead of your existing warnings being 10% each, they change to being 17% each. This may cause some confusion temporarily, but each 10% warning has changed to a single star as outlined above.

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