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I doubt something like this has anything to do with the next GTA.

It was probably just new PC's inside a few box's, or some hardware, who knows. It's not like their going to place some information about the next GTA in a box.

There's nothing important about that whatsoever, and even if it had the "V" on the box, it could of been something else.

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Maybe R*'s checking out the city in vans for the next GTA V layout and all the recorded data are in those boxes but I doubt that's what they're doing.

Interesting though, but then again it could just be a load of crap

maybe, i've heard from poeple that rockstargames are taking pictures of cities when they are making the game. but i dont beleive that they are maeking liberty city again. atleast i dont really want that.

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Having lived in Bedford, quite possibly the shittiest place in the northern hemisphere, for a good 18 years now... I feel that if I posted every incident in which I saw, from a distance, unsavoury characters onto the internet, the world's metal resources would have by now been depleted due to my overwhelming use of server disk space. Now that I have exhausted my intellectual vocabulary for this particular post, I have only this to say:

Pics or GTFO.

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