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Gaming GTA on Intel Inside


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I'm new to this site but a long, age old GTA fanatic from way back in 1992/3

I am getting new computers up to running GTA, one is an Acer Aspire without a graphics card expansion port,

but has Intel GMA 950 graphics and shared max ram over 220MB. The other are desktops with PCI-e but using Intel chipset or nVidia graphics Geforce 7100. The MSI board uses 3100 series Intel Graphics with the chipset G31, I downloaded the Intel graphics and chipset driver that has worked with this board, wondering how well anyone can expect the game to handle? San Andreas or better? I've gotten relative smoothness out of the GMA 950 with the right driver for the Acer laptop gaming, still slows down on heavy objects with lots of action on screen. Ram for the 3100 (IIRC, will check) is nearly 300MB shared and dedicated.

Not much, sure, but I started with the built in video, for the main boards, the GF7100 is causing some install and run issues, I bought an 8600 nVidia card to use ultimately, but not sure which "bed" yet.

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1993? I meant 2003, I was intrigued by GTA3 and picked it up. I didn't get far in it before Vice City really tipped the tables in terms of my interest in GTA games. The top down format just had no appeal, though some have liked both types of GTA.

I suggest some form of Integrated graphics because the games before GTA4 were designed or spec'd from earlier machines in 2000 that didn't have a lot of horsepower. 64MB is the minimum for SA as I recall, 128 to 256 MB range, if not.

The processor is an old carry over Pentium4 HT at the highest speed I could get locally; 3.2Ghz

The shared Ram is added to dedicated so I am giving the on-screen spec I read as 224 or something shared RAm, the MSI board shares total nearly 300MB. I'm running GTA3 on my D800 latitude laptop, has a Go GeForce 4700 or something with 64MB on the gfx card, stops at some moments like it will freeze up, an error the PS3 game of GTA4 had too often, and Xbx360 had some of the time. However, it never freezes terminally, it just seems like it some times

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