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Driver Parallel Lines Help


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About Getaway Survival

I currently have 9 completed but I can't seem to find the last one.

As of my "Stats" I have Harlem, Edgewater, Jersey, Financial, Village, Bronx, Steinway, Long Island, Kearny

I consulted many walkthroughs but no location written,also I found on the side-missions map a point called GS - Redhook ( in New Jersey next to the north park ). I've completed that one succesfullybut still no display in "Stats".

Any ideas what the last point is called really and where it is located ? please

If requested I will upload a game screen of Stats > (Getaway) Survival.

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know there are many gamers on this forum so I tought there are great chances some may have played Driver PL and completed it. Sherman is right, people here don't worship that much GTA, they play something else from time to time I think. :)

Thanks for the advice WRX.

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I found the sollution to my problem, it was an error in the side-missions map so it had a different name( switched ).

But now I can't seem to find the World Fair Park Checkpoint Race in 2006, I don't see it anywhere, maybe the side missions map is wrong again. :|

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