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A look at Photoshop CS5


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So Adobe are releasing Creative Suite 5 in 18 days time (See http://cs5launch.adobe.com/ ), and there's a cool new feature in Photoshop called Content Aware Filling that I think some of us will find extremely useful. Came across this video today which demonstrates it.

And PatchMatch also looks fucking amazing:

What do you think? Pretty cool I reckon.

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@Bossman and Evo: yeah you're not really missing much. Main thing I like in CS4 though is Content Aware Scaling. This basically lets you resize (stretch) pictures while keeping objects (humans, trees etc.) all in proportion.

Not many times where you'd need it, but I used to resize a lot of old 1024x768 wallpapers and stretch them to make widescreen versions. Was very useful for that.

Basically my point was all the new stuff is cool, but not much point upgrading if you won't make use of it.

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Content Aware looks like saving an awful lot of time for editors, the tree bit was amazing. I'm always asked by my dad when taking a picture, 'oh you can edit that out on Photoshop no problem', errr no I can't, but this makes it piss easy. The sky image also, and the road were both superb. PatchMatch looks like an automated Clone Stamp tool, very nice. If I need to do more digital editing in my last few Uni months I might pick this up, seems a lot better than anything CS3 has.

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