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Layout Changes / New Ads


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Evening everyone.

As you may be aware, TGTAP recently relocated it's servers to a UK host, having better hardware, speed, and reliability. We were under contract to display UGO ads over the website, however this has now come to an end, and we are now with a new provider, where I have complete control over everything.

We have made a few changes to various aspects of the site, which I will just briefly explain now:

- now have just one ad (728x90 banner at the top) - the square ad at the bottom has been removed!

- now has a feature box in the middle, and a square ad next to it (moved from the bottom)

- Similar to above except the dashboard/links in the feature section is. This will be improved in the future.

Content pages
- Like the forums, they also have one fewer ad - the small banner (468x60) that was just above the content itself has now been removed.

Feature Box

The feature box section is basically a way for us to highlight content on TGTAP (or indeed external websites - you may notice we're linking to the Rockstar Newswire's social club events calendar in one of the features).

It's essentially a slideshow, with each slide lasting for 6 seconds, the image/headline is clickable and will take you to said feature.

Everything should look fine in whatever browser/OS you are using except IE6, as like most sites, we no longer support this. If it looks messed up, please ensure you clear your cache first, see instructions below if you don't know how.


Seeing crappy/annoying ads?

I can disable any ads that people find annoying. If you see a crappy ad like one of those rapidly flashing smilies ads, or something that causes a full page/popup... let me know so I can disable it :)

How do I clear my cache?

You can clear the cache for page you are viewing by pressing Ctrl + F5 in your browser to reload the page. Doing this on the homepage should ensure you are viewing the most recent CSS/images.

If this doesn't work, clear your browsers cache completely - this is generally found in the "Tools" or "Preferences" menu of most browsers (look for a section like "Private Data")

Still seeing a messed up layout after doing that? Post a screenshot here with what browser/OS you are using and I'll look into it.

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I work for an Media Designing company in Denmark were i work with flash, photoshop and so on. I would love to help this community with growing, so here comes a new idea. Is it possible that we made this like the FPSBANANA, the layout is great, and there users can be more free and roam around like they want :) If you need designs you can always come too me (:

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