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Best Game of 2010

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What are your favourite games of 2010? Which do you think is the best overall?

I won't do this as a poll as there are thousands of options!

My favourite games of 2010 are:

-Fallout New Vegas

-Civilisation V

-Just Cause 2

Others that you might like (but aren't my favourites) could be:

-Red Dead Redemption

-COD: Black Ops

-Battlefield: Bad Company 2

-Alan Wake

-Mass Effect 2

-God of War III

-Splinter Cell: Conviction

-Crackdown 2

-Bioshock 2

There are also tons of DLC and many expansions, such as Red Dead's Undead Nightmare.

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Black Ops and RDR are my favourites from those listed. Haven't played New Vegas yet. God of War 3 is probably epic as well. Bioshock 2 was good but not as good as the first imo, in terms of story anyway.

Haven't played Crackdown 2 but it got terrible reviews and I heard it was more of the same, pretty boring, so I didn't bother with that.

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I was impressed with Fallout New Vegas, FIFA 11, Red Dead Redemption, and Gran Turismo 5 this year. Other games like Heavy Rain were impressive, but not what I'm interested in. New Vegas is much better than Fallout 3 because this time you can work out where you're going, instead of getting lost in countless metro tunnels and disorientated by the massive amount of rubble blocking roads. FIFA is always on a curve of continual improvement every year, best features this year were the custom music and career mode. Red Dead was an impressive wild west game with no loading times in the open world apart from missions, and portrayed the period really really well. As for GT5, it splits opinion, and I only got it on Xmas day, but so far I can't really fault the game. It's addictive in that you're rising through the XP ranks, buying cars, tuning them up and entering lots of competitions and usually winning most of them.

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Bad Company 2 has been my favourite game this year, already clocked up 400 hours on that game. The Vietnam expansion has helped it as well, not enough maps however.

Civilisation 5 probably has to be my second favourite, although it's only just recently been patched to sort out a lot of issues which should have been fixed properly when it came out. A lot of people don't like it but I love it.

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