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Portal 2


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So today marks the release of Portal 2. Many of us (probably) have been waiting for this since 2007, the year that gave us The Orange Box (and MW, Crysis, Bioshock. Basically gaming god-year). Now I'd actually rather tell you guys that Valve released Episode 3 today, but we'll have to wait another 4 years for that. In the meantime I'd rather inform you about the second best thing that is Portal 2.

I ordered a physical copy from Amazon, so I'll have to wait. The ones who ordered it at Steam have probably already played it. So, share your favorite moment, tell us about the gameplay, quote the funniest line and laugh about Weatley's accent or GLaDOS' cynisism.

If anyone can actually be bothered to reply (I don't know how TGTAP's activity is lately..), then I might just add some nice info and the like to this post.

In the meantime.. this is where I get off.

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I am disappoint.. No challenge rooms.. and the puzzels we're not all that challenging. Though I have to admit I had a few 'what now' moments, it usually was cause I didn't understand a certain game mechanic.

Best example might be the chamber in which you had to get the repulsion gel onto the turrents. An easy task as soon as you know that that's the whole clue, but I hadn't expected it to have that effect (turrents bouncing off). The puzzels also felt very, very linear, especially compared to Portal, where you could solve a chamber in multiple ways.

I did like Portal 2, don't get me wrong. Just... felt like it could have done better.

Wheatley must be the worst antagonist ever

and too much questions regarding the story are left unanswered. It's more of an afterthought though.. I enjoyed playing through it the first time. Sort of did it over again (well, half at least), but it's not that much fun doing it again.. unlike Portal 1, that gave you the possibilities to do things over again on a different way.

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Eh, what? I don't understand. Am I the only one who felt a little.. I don't know, hollow when finishing the game?

Sure the space ending was cool and yeah the voice acting was superb. But I didn't have the feeling I had defeated anybody really special. I just got some rid of an absolute idiot. If anything I felt a little sad for him.

So who is Chell? We know that she's a daughter of some employee (her name is at that bring your daughter to work day stand). So what's happened to her parents? Killed by GLaDOS? Perhaps her parents are Caroline and Cave. Who do not know.. And why does Aperture go from making shower curtains to making a portal gun en all those gels. And above all, what went so disastrously wrong that the old Aperture facility had to be shut down? For something set in the Half Life world I'd expect a bit more of a back story. Seeing as portal 3 is not an option, this left me a little empty.

So once again: it's a very good game with very high production values and I'd certainly recommend it to everyone. It just isn't the best game ever and actually is even a step down on some fronts compared to the original. The challenge rooms of the original actually were what the name suggested: a real challenge. Portal 2 basically just makes you walk a predetermined path while listening to the lines of Wheatley and GLaDOS while now and then popping a portal here and there.

It isn't as grim as I may make it sound, but I had a bit higher expectations.. On the other hand, it's hard to 'wow' once again when having to live up to something as fresh as Portal 1 was.

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