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Battlefield 3


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Really? See I have heard loads of mixed reviews about this game, some of my mates have got it and have said it's great, another of my mates spent about an hour half trying to install it but it kept giving him really shitty error messages. I don't have it I was just curious as to whether any of you guys did and what you thought about it, I am considering getting it after Christmas, but it is a toss up between BF3 and MW3. You got it on PC Chris? If I got it, I would get it for PC because I generally prefer first person shooters on PC.

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Yes I have it on PC, as well as MW3.

Good things:

  • Better graphics than CoD
  • Bigger maps, with vehicles - ONLY good if you know how to drive/fly properly though. If you don't then just ride shotgun and help kill people!
  • Squads - get a good squad/team and it's a lot of fun to play
  • You can blow up pretty much anything

Bad things:

  • Have to use Origin to play it which is an incredibly shit piece of software. Battlelog server browser is web based meaning you need to also have your web browser running to be able to get into a game.
  • Because of the above point, (you go straight into the game from that), at the start of each game people are changing their settings/loadouts so for the first 2 or 3 minutes the maps are mostly empty because people are fucking about with shit in the menus. I do it too, you have to since you can't change these things from your web browser obviously
  • LAGGY SERVERS - Jesus Fucking Christ. It's so hit and miss whether or not you can find a decent server. You spend a good 5-10 minutes just trying to find one because they fill up so damn quick.
  • The goddamn light! - The sun is ridiculously bright - yeah I know, the sun etc. but this is a game, apparently it's done for realism - fair enough, but there's a bunch of totally unrealistic things in the game too so I don't see why this should be one of the real things - example of unrealism - being able to revive people no matter what. Headshot? no problem let me just get the defibrillator out.... Tank blown up? No problem, let me just blowtorch it and it'll be good as new...
  • And while we're on the subject of light. Tactical light on guns ... wtf... they're ridiculously bright as well, I don't think people know they can turn it on/off, and actually if I see a bright shining light I just shoot at it.
  • Guns seem far too accurate, you can kill people from miles away with a normal gun, you don't even need an actual sniper rifle
  • The dirt and glare on your visor... again, apparently done for realism... pretty sure real soldiers would have polarised sunglasses, and if they got that much fucking dust on them you can just fucking wipe them with your sleeve... but apparently because this is a game they must be kept dusty as shit... for realism...
  • If you fly a jet too high you hit an invisible ceiling and your speed drops to 0. You don't die or get damage or anything, but it's just kinda dumb... I realise there must be an invisible ceiling but they could at least have a beeping noise and your speed gradually slow, that would be more realistic.

Honestly it IS a good game, but the above points are what makes it really frustrating to play at times. I hope they patch what they can of that. If they do, I'll go back to it and see if I find it more enjoyable - right now I'm having more fun playing MW3.

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We have all gotta admit, Battlefield 3 is a great game, minus the cons. If the company that created Battlefield 3 listened to all the criticisms given about Battlefield 3 and fixed them, alongside fixing the game bugs and glitches and including some new features that the fans want included, Battlefield 4 will be absolutely amazing.

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