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Dirty Harry

Comic Books/ Graphic Novels

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I know this isn't music or film, but it's still entertainment, and since I don't see another thread for comics or even books nor have a better idea on where to place one, I created this.

Do you folks like comic books/ graphic novels? Or even manga and all that stuff, anyway, discuss it here.

Personally, I'm a huge Alan Moore and Frank Miller fan.

Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke, Sin City and the Frank Miller Batmans are so mindblowingly amazing.

I've also digged some spiderman and hulk stuff, but mainly what I mentioned above.

What do you like?

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I have always liked the idea of comics/graphic novels but I wouldn't have the first clue which ones to read...

Dunno what kinda stuff you like, but Watchmen is a really good read for anyone really.

And yeah Ivan, Frank Miller is a genius. If you digged the Sin City flick, the comic book will rock your socks off. It's really sexy, and violent.

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