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New Info - Confirmed it's Los Santos only


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i can't help but be more ambitious about this game, i mean c'mon, los santos only means a greater depth, focus and less distorted theme unlike san andreas, i knew this was happening, truth is, since SA and GTA IV, i have set myself not to have the greatest (even out of the box) expectations, and just wait for real infos, real promotions and rockstar's interviews. so yeah, in my opinion, no tommy vercetti (or other characters appearing as the main character for that matter), no other cities but the massive recreated (i think much bigger than Los Angeles in L.A Noire) Los Santos, no gas masks (assuming it was only for an in-game scene), and forgive me for being a realist and a cynic, but until R* confirm it, i wouldn't have assumptions on multiple playable characters as well.

Los Santos is my 2nd favorite city in SA, so, hell, if R* is really confident about it, why don't we?

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that gangsta shit is so 1992 bro, i don't think they'll repeat the same theme, even though there must be some street racial gangs in it, i'm sure it'll be completely fresh new, different feel of Los Santos, i mean, even Liberty City is always different in every GTA series right?

Haha some people might argue that nowadays :P Good point though and I'm quite positive it won't be just 'gangsta shit', L.A. is a huge and vast city so R* won't have a problem creating a new fresh look for Los Santos. Here's a quote from that little announcement to support this point.

A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

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When I first saw the trailer, I initially got excited that it was another trip to the glorious 80s and back to Vice City. When it became evident that it wasn't, I didn't mind, and just got more excited. The same goes for this; having the entire state would be a predictable move on Rockstar's part, and they thrive on being unpredictable. Indeed, the scaling back of the world is commendable: lessening the geographic scope allows for greater focus on story and characters, factors that, aside from all of the gloriously illegal mayhem, are the series' biggest draws (at least for me).

I for one am looking forward to what that can pull off in this reimagined setting.

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This was a week ago, I don't think it's confirmed per se. I do believe rumors this will be bigger then GTA IV but it won't be the same map as SA, the PS2 map, but it will extend beyond GTA Los Santos locale, and it will include DLC with possible new cities. You have to remember, the time it's taken to make this game equates to more then what we've been shown so far. If you look at the characters interaction with ground they stand on, or the cars' contacts with the roadway, you see traditional GTA game flaws, It's not wholly improved from what's come before, and time spent on the game and AI are not all that connected. The RAGE and Euphoria are making marked improvement, but all of the various GTA facets have an input to the game's creation.

So, I think this points to much more under the hood, so to speak

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