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Time flies like a bloody jet


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Well hello there! :P

Long freakin time no see, aye?

As the topic title says... Seems like the time when I was an internet-first-timer kid with horrible grammar and attention-whorness was yesterday... Goddamn 2006 and whatnot. God, it's been just a very few years, but looking back to that time when I roamed around here "shouting" non-sense thinking I was a revolutionary, and looking at me now, I believe I'm pretty much unrecogniceable (sp?) if it wasn't for my huge ears and nose.

Anyhoo, I just came back from a "party" where a friend bought pizza, but since on of the girls is vegetarian, the pizza-buying-friend didn't want to spoil anything so she bought them just with tomato sauce and cheese... Bloody hell, could've at least have chosen artichokes and olives, but oh well :lolbounce:

My main point was that I wanted to tell you guys about a little adventure I had some months ago... Remember when I popped in once and said I had a girlfriend? Dunno if I mentioned it was a long distance relationship... Well, it is. We've been about one and a half year together, only by internet (Met her at a chatroom that "belongs" to a forum where I'm pretty active) and we met for the very first time in person at the end of July.

Føroyar. Faroe Islands. A magical fucking place full of grassy beauty, foggy and cozy (I've heard it's pretty much London-weather), wonderful people, delicious beer but people drive too bloody fast.

My Faroese princess. A damn magic and beautiful week just with her, we did stuff... American pancakes and pizza, I drank Jägermeister and Vodka for the first time in my life, loved a lass with my body and soul for the first time, had my mind on her, and everything on her and so did she, my Faroese princess.

Gods, it was so damn wonderful... I feel like I'm bragging now, sorry -_-

Might not see her for a year, if shit hits the fan, 2 or 3... Just 3 days away from me and yet so bloody hard... So much feeling, so much need of touching her royal hair and her soft cheeks, holding her tender hands and eating that wonderful cheese she buys...

Her parents, nor anyone in the whole island know about my existence, much less about her romance with me... Parents being fanatical christians (no offense to christians) and completely anti-internet-men and me... Non-Swedish-citizen, without job nor cash to do anything... I feel so powerless and tired. I want to scream and yell her name through the streets, catch a train, ferry and go hug her, but I can't. I want to kiss her while in bed before falling asleep, so badly it seems like my chest will explode from my beating heart, but I can't. Yet, I feel happy. It sounds depressing to hell, but I feel good. I got someone, and she... Puts up with all the crazy shit I come up with. Where most of my friends tell me to go suck a lemon, she tells me I'm cute and sends me a shitload of kisses through the camera.

Such a wonderful feeling... Feels like dying slowly of happiness while drinking chocolate milk.

Lads. I'll see you soon since I'm tired and have to sleep... I think I need it.

See you around! :hi:

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Musta been hella-long time since I don't know you, I came here when that Other Gta forum got the better of me, but I hope to stay as long as GTA games are made, been my intent all along. I actually help forums I believe in with word of mouth, I'm sure you all do the same, right?? Best promo I can think of is having a good experience online and relating it to others. It's nice that we've had the simple wherewithall to hang in there since Rockstar are hardly prolific software producers! haha

On your story, I'm Christian and so are my folks, they don't dismiss the Internet, just so you know!

As for your soul-mate, good for you to find one, I hate people taking relationships lightly...don't....just don't! It's as serious as you should ever be about ANYTHING!!! Bottom line in my book

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Hell yeah, I was most active from 2006 to 2008 or so, and this place was blooming with activity, among all the talk of GTA IV's release! :P

And yeah, well... During that time I wasn't much of a... Person of respect so to speak and I was going through a little rough time, so I believe I wasn't extremly popular in a positive way, but we still had some good laughs at the Fun and random section.

I barely can remember the names of those people though, and I don't wanna insult anyone by forgetting a name or so... And many seem to change name regularly, which doesn't help my memory too much xD

As for the Christian part, I know, mate, I have nothing against christians and stuff (Been christian myself untill a few years ago), but I just meant it as they, for what my girl have told me, seem to have a little dislike for anyone non-christian, which wouldn't help our relationship too much.

But nice to see someone who thinks like that! This is the first time I've had a real relationship and I keep it serious... Despite so many people telling me I'm young and should have fun before commiting to a long distance thing even... I wouldn't leave this girl for all the "fun" in the world. But aye, I just nod and do what I feel best, I think that's what matters :P

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I was over at GTAForums making my own nuisance of myself, but all the anger and hatred mystifies me, as I never was out and out mean towards people, I appreciate a differentiated forum makeup of people, allowed to express themselves as they are, not try and make sure they post in accordance with some arbitrary rules, in other words, had to make the OTHER people happy with their postings, irregardless of real infractions. The staff were not working with me, as I had requested, they just handed out the excuse that the forum is too big for dealing with the supposed problem.

My feeling on that, you're in the wrong job position then, if you know it's a big forum, and you can't handle the task that entails. Don't be on staff! hahaha

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