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Politician wants San Andreas rated AO


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yee.jpgLeland Yee, Californian assemblyman and game-restriction advocate has contacted the ESRB asking them to change the "M" rating for GTA San Andreas to "adults only". This happened shortly after Yee reliased that there is a mod availible for download that reveals sexual content within the game. This most certainly is none other than the "Hot Coffee Mod" by PatrickW. Gamespot editor, Curt Feldman, writes that Yee took note of the apparent discovery of sex minigames hidden in the game's code that can be unlocked by a third-party mod. The ESRB saying earlier today it will issue a response to Yee's statement before the close of business today.

Now if I am not mistaken, the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that is availible in your store right now does not include sex animations or sex scenes without installing the third-party mod. Yes, r* did develop this feature, but didnt put it in the final game. So even if r* didnt code sex animations afterall, any coder could have come and did this himself and installed it onto the original game.

So the game itself, without being modded, does not reveal this content at all, and the ESRB can not give it "Adult Only" status as this is revealed, just like mister Yee said so himself, by a 3rd party mod.

For the full report visit Gamespot


It seems that the ESRB are now going ahead investigating the claims of mister Yee. The ESRB's investigation will examine whether the mod unlocks preexisting code, as appears to be the case, or is actually a purely third-party creation.

If after a thorough and objective investigation of all the relevant facts surrounding this modification, we determine a violation of our rules has occurred, we will take appropriate action

- Patricia Vance, ESRB President

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See here, this is all bullshit right here. When will people stop bitching about M rated games and/or trying to get them off the market completely? KIDS PLAY VIDEO GAMES. VERY FEW PEOPLE AGES 18+ PLAY THEM(the majority of video game players has always been ages 8 to 18, even though in some rare occurences(I have been a witness to one of these) old people ages 35+ play video games, but not very many.). KIDS WANT VIOLENCE, AND SEX(beats the hell out of searching for it on the internet >) ), AND "FOUL" LANGUAGE IN THEIR VIDEO GAMES. In case you over-protective parents out there haven't noticed, but go to your kids school for 1 day, listen to all the bad language being spoken in the hallways. I remember when I was 5, I was playing Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis console(back in the good old days), I said "god d*mn raptors, mother f*ckers", and then my mom would say "Hey, dont cuss, mother f*cker". In fact I got kicked out of preschool(at the age of 5) for cussing to much(and for pissing on the "principal", breaking my cot at nap time(My cot was moved into the office for some reason.... >) ), and for keeping everyone else up during nap time). Walk down the hallyways at your local highschool, all you hear is "f*ck this n****r" and "my math teacher is a c*nt because she gave us homework". Parents, get used to the fact that this country has a sad future coming(thanks in part by the X and Y generations) and you need to STFU, watch what your kids are playing, check your internet history after your kid(s) has been on, and other stuff if you dont like the fact that you are in America where there is a little ammendment that says "you have the right to express yourself "freely"". God I hate parents.

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These attempts at barring the youth from media such as this are futile because everyone knows minors WILL get their hands on this some point in time, no matter HOW hard the parents try to shield their kids from it. Now I speak from experience that this will happen and it's unavoidable. So who is it for the ESRB to make a game that is for adults only? As a matter of fact, why is there a job that allows anyone to block anyone from any type of content just because of age?

People that have been led to commit crimes that were due to videogames are individuals, not EVERYBODY is as mentally unstable as these individuals. So why, again are they attempting to bar these types of content from the minors? Most of them are ABOVE the legal age anyway, and they KNOW what they have done.

So in short, this guy WON'T get the ESRB to change the rating of Grand Theft Auto from Mature to Adults Only. Good day, my daily rant is done.

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Oh and something else I forgot to mention.

In The Sims 2 you can actually have sex. With a few nude skins and patches or whatever applied you can see everything in better detail than on San Andreas. But no AO rating for that game.

Politicians wonder why they earn themselves a bad name. It's because of stupid menial things like this. They should worry about more important things.

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